Doug Jones Wins Over Judge Roy Moore

The race was billed as a tight one and wasn’t decided until 90% of the precincts were in. Jones beat Moore by a little over 1%. Moore was hopelessly outspent and the media gave him a huge assist by sensationalizing the accusations against him but failing to mention all of the exculpatory evidence that poured in later. One accuser admitted forging key portions of the alleged yearbook that Moore supposedly signed.

Two waitresses at the Old Hickory restaurant never saw Moore in the restaurant during the time period the accuser claimed to work there and neither one remembered her working there. A former police officer who was a frequent patron of the restaurant and knew Moore also said he never saw Moore in the restaurant and he also didn’t remember the accuser working there. You didn’t see that on CNN or read about it in the New York Times.

The loss means that the republican majority in the senate is now down to 51-49 and Mitch McConnell shares the credit with Jones, who has a very close relationship with George Soros. Depending on when the Senate votes on tax reform and when Jones is seated, the election will effectively kill tax cuts. In fact, it will effectively shut down the republicans since the democrats can count on John McCain and a couple of other RINOs to effectively kill all of Trump’s agenda.


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