BLM Leader Sues Judge Jeanine Pirro and Fox News

DeRay McKesson, a leader in the BLM movement is suing Fox News and Judge Jeanine Pirro for defamation over Pirro’s discussion of a lawsuit from a louisiana cop against McKesson. That suit was the result of an officer injured during a BLM protest, who sued McKesson and BLM for his injuries due to inciting to riot by McKesson. The suit was tossed out because the judge decided that BLM is a movement and not an organization. McKesson is using that tossed suit to prove his innocence.

Pirro noted that during the protest that saw a number of cops getting injured, McKesson was egging on the crowd.

Pirro said:

“In this particular case, DeRay Mckesson, the organizer, actually was directing people, was directing the violence,” Pirro said on Fox News. “You’ve got a police officer who was injured, he was injured at the direction of DeRay Mckesson.”

McKesson claims he is suing because:

“These statements of fact are false, and were either known to be false by Defendant Pirro or were made with reckless disregard for whether they were true.”

The lawsuit against McKesson and Johnetta Elzie was the result of an ambush shooting that left three officers dead and two more wounded in retaliation  for the shooting by police of Alton Sterling.

Although McKesson claims he did not incite the violence in Baton Rouge, he has long justified violence by BLM. In an interview with UPROXX McKesson said that the rioters are merely protesters and if people want to complain about the violence, they should remember that BLM should not have had to be on the streets to begin with. He justified the violence against innocents because someone else committed violence. Would he say the same thing if the Baton Rouge cops hit the street over their three dead police officers?

From The Daily Wire

“What I know to be true is that people should not have had to feel like the only way for them being heard is by being in the street,” justified Mckesson. “And that is true across the country. I said that about Ferguson, I say that about Baltimore, I say that about Minneapolis, Chicago, every city in the country where people have taken to the streets.”

Mckesson continued his defense: “Remember, people take to the streets as a last resort,” he insisted. “They’ve made the phone call, they’ve tweeted, they’ve emailed, they’ve tried. And by the time people are in the street, it is because there is no other option.”

The leader then granted troubling blanket amnesty for all acts at the protests-turned-riots, since it’s supposedly society’s fault that rioters are even “there in the first place.”

Fox News Has sent a letter to McKesson’s lawyer pointing out that there is a first Amendment that the press enjoys and that they plan to fight the lawsuit with all it’s resources.

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