Sarah Huckabee Sanders Humiliates Fake News Reporter April Ryan With a Pie

You may recall that just around Thanksgiving time, Sanders tweeted a picture of a pecan pie she baked for the holiday. April Ryan, the Sheila Jackson Lee of the Washington press corps accused Sanders of faking the pie, without any evidence of course. That’s the good thing about being a fake news writer, the truth is totally irrelevant.

In fact, today April Ryan posted fake news about the Omarosa Manigault Newman story. Ryan wrote that the Secret Service carried her out kicking and screaming after her pass to just walk into the Oval Office was revoked. While it’s true that that she screamed at John Kelly, the Secret Service confirmed that the only part they played was to deactivate her clearance.

Here is Ryan’s tweet :


Sanders then tweeted out her baking skills in a step by step series of pictures on Twitter as she baked a quantity of the pies.


From The Daily Caller

Ending her press briefing Thursday, Sanders stopped at the podium and pointed directly at Ryan and said, “I just want to say thanks, have a good week, and April, I am looking forward to having some pie with you momentarily.”

Sanders was then spotted in the White House press area delivering pies to various correspondents, including Ryan.


H/T The Daily Caller


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