Is Democrat Adam Schiff a Leaker and a Fake News Provider?

Adam Schiff, the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee is being suspected of leaking top secret testimony to the press about the testimony of Donald Trump Jr. During Trump Jr’s testimony, Schiff left the room multiple times. Coincidentally (Or not) CNN began broadcasting stories from his testimony while it was still ongoing. That’s not enough to convict Schiff naturally, but it is a good reason to open an investigation to find out who is doing the leaking. Schiff has spent 21 hours on the mainstream TV news broadcasts since the dubious investigation into collusion between Trump and Russia.

He has made remarks looking to confirm the collusion but never with any proof. Some speculate that he might have been the one who leaked the fake news story that CNN broadcast claiming that Trump had access to Wikileaks before it became public knowledge. Whoever fed that to CNN had to know it was false just like the innuendos that Schiff has made on TV many times before that turned out to be total BS.

From The Daily Caller

Three House Republicans are calling on House Speaker Paul Ryan and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to investigate leaks from the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russian interference in the election.

Significant evidence that serious leaks have occurred in relation to the [House intel] investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election must be immediately addressed,” the Republicans wrote.

The Republicans noted that CNN began to report information from Trump Jr.’s testimony even while he was being interviewed. Trump Jr’s. lawyer, Alan Futerfas, has complained about the leaks, noting that he and Trump Jr. were unaware of the leaks because they were required to surrender their cell phones prior to the closed-door proceedings.

New York Rep. Lee Zeldin, Utah Rep. Mia Love, and Texas Rep. John Ratcliffe are calling for an investigation and the removal of any House member or staffer found to be the leaker.

Their letter includes:

“These serious violations need to be investigated and any members responsible for such violations must no longer serve as part of this investigation. Any staff who have violated committee or House rules must also face appropriate disciplinary action.”

“Members or staff who may have violated rules by leaking sensitive information to the press or other outside entities must be promptly removed from this investigation and proper inquiries undertaken without delay.”

Since President Trump has taken office, he has been plagued by leaks, many of them totally false. It’s time to put an end to them. Give a few leakers serious prison time and they will stop.


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