Alabama Secretary of State Investigates After Man Confesses to Voter Fraud [VIDEO]

Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill has opened up an investigation into the election between Doug Jones and Roy Moore in their Senate race after a video of an out of state Jones supporter apparently confesses to committing voter fraud. After Jones was projected as the winner of the election,  Kati Weis of Fox 10 interviewed a Jones supporter that made a surprising announcement:

“Because, we came here all the way from different parts of the country as part of our fellowship, and all of us pitched in to vote and canvas together, and we got our boy elected!”

There is some dispute over whether he misspoke or whether he let the cat out of the bag. But because it is such a serious charge, the Secretary of State felt compelled to investigate. Currently, he is trying to identify the man to find out what he meant and to find out if he actually voted. Although it could be questionable as to whether there was enough fraud to swing the race, it is important to know if there was a conspiracy by people from out of the state to swing the election towards Jones.

There are several avenues the S of S can take to determine if widespread fraud took place. The first and most obvious step is to determine if unregistered people had voted. Those votes could be tossed out without proof of any intention to commit fraud since you are required by law to register to vote in Alabama. The second and more difficult step would be to compare registered voters in Alabama to voter registrations in other states to see if out of state residents voted in the election. Most blue states will not share that information with Alabama since voter fraud is their greatest weapon.

From The Blaze

“Well, it’s disconcerting when someone who’s not from Alabama says that they participated in our election, so now it’s incumbent upon us to try to identify this young man, to see what kind of role he played, if it was simply to play a canvassing role, or if he was part of a process that went out and tried to register voters, or if he himself actually became a registered voter,” Merrill said.

Merrill did say there is no actual evidence of fraud, but “when you have someone actually recorded on television saying that they voted, and then that’s what he said, then we’ve got to get to the bottom of that.”

It is also unlikely that any investigation will alter the results of the election since the vote will be certified before new Year’s, but it is important to punish anyone who committed voter fraud to deter future voting crimes.


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