Pennsylvania Taxpayers Shell Out $248k For Democrat Who Sexually Harassed Woman

Taxpayers in Pennsylvania have just found out that they paid a woman $248,000 to settle a sexual harassment suit brought by a former staffer. It of course was a Democratic state representative. State Rep. Thomas Caltagirone — a Democrat representing Berks County since 1977, was charged with sexual harassment in 2015 that resulted in the huge award. Since 2007, the taxpayers have paid out $600,000 to settle four claims, two for sexual harassment and two for improper firing. All the accused were Democrats. At this time, there were no payouts due to the actions of any Republican.

From The Blaze

The Inquirer noted that Caltagirone “faced a separate and widely publicized sexual harassment complaint in the mid-1990s.” It remains unclear if the lawmaker faced any disciplinary action following the settlement.

House Minority Leader Frank Dermody (D) reportedly declined this week a request by the Inquirer to be interviewed about the settlement payouts, but told the paper in a written statement, “We take all complaints seriously, act on them quickly and investigate them, going to great lengths to try to ascertain the facts.”

According to a document prepared by the state’s Bureau of Risk and Insurance Management obtained by the Inquirer, House Democrats paid $600,000 since 2007 to settle four complaints against legislators. Two of those four cases involved sexual harassment claims, and two involved staffers who claimed they were improperly fired.

Remind me again which party is dedicated to women (‘s bodies) and which party has a war on women. Anyone who is surprised by the fact that Democrats and liberals are by far the biggest abusers of women, are obviously not aware of the corruption coming from that party over the past couple of decades.

It will be interesting to see if the voters in Pennsylvania will hold him and the other Democrats accountable or whether they will accept it as business as usual.

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