Protesters Call for the RAPE of MELANIA TRUMP, CNN and Liberal Media SILENT

Photos taken at an anti-Trump protest in Washington, D.C., Saturday night show a man holding high above the crowd a sign that read in large black letters on a white background, “RAPE MELANIA”. Melania is the wife of President-Elect Donald Trump. The protest was held in front of the new Trump hotel that opened on Pennsylvania Avenue at the site of the Old Post Office Building.

According to the man who photographed the sign, who goes by the handle “Beck ‏@thereal_beck”, the ‘RAPE MELANIA” sign was held aloft without any reaction by the estimated one-hundred-fifty Hillary Clinton supporters protesting the election of Trump. It was not until a lone Trump supporter waded into the protest and confronted the man that he took down the sign and fled.

Outside Trump Hotel, in yet another HORRID display, anti-Trump protesters call for the RAPE of Melania Trump. These are the same people calling for tolerance, peace and love. These are the people Hillary should have been talking about when she said “our children are watching”.  It’s amazing that they are so quick to forget Bill Clinton’s sins and even quicker to point out something Trump never did.

SHAMEFUL! Ripping apart cities, inciting violence and rape for losing. Can you imagine what Hillary’s America would have looked like? Who are the hateful bigots now?

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