She Cheated on Him With Another Guy, so He Came up With a Revenge Prank She’ll NEVER Forget


Cheating on your partner is never a good idea. The other person always finds out, so why even try? If you are lucky, you will experience a clean break, and walk away with your pride in tact, if not you can be the victim of an awful revenge prank.


This very thing happened to a cheating woman.  The jaded boyfriend sets up a hidden camera in his car, the man gives his girlfriend a heart-shaped box of chocolates wrapped up with a pink bow.

He passes her the surprise and gives her a hug before leaving her in the backseat to unwrap the box.


When the box is opened, she sees cockroaches crawling around. Immediately the box is thrown in the air…She tries to escape, but the doors are locked.

Watch the video below…

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