Linda Sarsour: You Have No Right to Tell Us We Can’t Kill Jews

Democratic activist darling of the far left insists that no one has the right to tell Muslims they can’t kill Jews. After President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on the flimsy excuse that they’ve lived there for over 3,000 years, Sarsour said that Palestinian Muslims have the Allah given right to kill Jews whenever they wish.

Frontpage reported:

A few more deep anti-Semitic thoughts from the new Islamist face of the left.

On December 9th, taking to her Facebook account, Linda Sarsour justified Palestinian terrorism:

In context of what’s happening in Palestine in response to the announcement about Jerusalem and in general living under the longest and most brutal military occupation – we have to get a few things straight.

Nobody gets to tell an occupied people how to respond to their own oppression and the continued stripping of their humanity, agency and land whether they are Palestinians or not. Nobody. Oppressed people determine how, when and where to resist. They set the parameters. You don’t have to agree. Unless you have lived in their condition under the boot of a racist, supremacist, violent regime that sees them as less than human – you have no say in this conversation…

Good to know that the laws of warfare don’t apply to oppressed peoples under the boot of a racist, supremacist, violent regime.

Considering that the indigenous Jewish population of Israel freed itself from the rule of the Islamic colonial racist and supremacist regime, no one has the right to tell the IDF how to defend against the “Palestinian” settlers who are the proxy armies of the Islamic Supremacist occupation.

Many top Democrats have praised Sarsour and it will make great commercials come election time showing those same Democratic leaders as Sarsour’s deranged rantings play in the background. Sen Kirsten Gillibrand has been very vocal in her support for the apologist for Muslim terrorists. Sarsour was also the one who called for jihad against President Trump and helped create the highly ineffective women’s march in Washington the day after the inauguration.

I wonder what would happen if an Israeli activist said that Jews have the right to kill Palestinians. Just kidding. I know what would happen. They’d be crucified.

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