CNN Reporter Lights Bong, Holds Lit Joints on Camera [VIDEOS]

CNN, The most busted news source in America is at it again. Somehow they felt having their reporter lighting a bong and holding lit joints would increase their stature. (Sadly to say, considering how low they’ve sunk, that might be true) CNN reporter Randi Kaye,was wearing large marijuana leaf earrings lit a bong and held several lit joints during her broadcast in Colorado over the New Year’s Eve celebration, which had children viewing. But with all that pot being smoked we may have discovered where all those fake news stories come from. Here’s hoping CNN tokes til they choke.

It is thought to be the first time a former major news outlet has promoted the use of pot to children of all ages watching a New Year’s Eve show. I wonder which producer at CNN thought this was a good idea and I wonder if Kaye’s credibility will ever recover from this. Of course credibility is not required by those working at CNN. In fact, it is a detriment. People who watched the program were quick to criticize CNN for their extreme lack of judgement.



At least one CNN reporter has started out the New Year on a happy note.

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