BOMBSHELL: Proof That Comey Gave Classified Memo to Left Wing Nut Job

Chuck Grassley used simple math to prove that James Comey violated the Espionage Act. It’s a real easy principal to understand. Comey wrote 7 memos after talks with President Trump. Four of those memos were marked either “Confidential” or “Secret”. . Comey gave 4 of the memos to his friend, Columbia law professor Daniel Richman. So, mathematically, at best Comey only gave him one of the classified memos and at worst all four. That could lead to serious charges against both men. Richman could avoid prison if he turned on his good friend.

Comey can’t even use his Hillary defense. He can’t say there was no intent on his part to commit a crime. He admitted to a congressional committee that he had given the memos to a friend to give to the press in order to get a special prosecutor appointed to investigate the collusion hoax. He readily admitted that it was an intentional act and it’s hard to see how he could possibly ever plead not guilty.

Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley, wrote a letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on Wednesday demanding to know about the memos:

“If it’s true that Professor Richman had four of the seven memos, then in light of the fact that four of the seven memos the Committee reviewed are classified, it would appear that at least one memo the former FBI director gave Professor Richman contained classified information.”

From The Daily Caller

In his letter, Grassley asked Rosenstein to clarify whether the DOJ or FBI have determined whether any of the memos that Comey sent to Richman contained classified information and which of the seven Comey memos had been provided to Richman.

Grassley is also inquiring when Richman received the memos and whether any had classification markings on them at the time they were exchanged.

The Republican also seeks details about how Comey transmitted the memos to Richman and whether the Justice Department has initiated an investigation into improper disclosure of classified information.

The entire fake investigation into the mythical collusion between Trump and the Russians has been a disaster for the Democrats and it looks like it jjust got very serious.

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