Trump Plays For Keeps..His Demands in Exchange For Dreamer Bill

Liberals are livid. They have been cozying up to the RINOs in the House and Senate in order to put one over on them and the American people and now Trump may take it all away with his list of demands in exchange for allowing Dreamers to stay in the country.  Dick Turbin Durbin is on the warpath, as if anyone really cares. But democrats realize they no longer have Obama in the White House to sign off on everything they send to his desk. And the odds of overriding a veto in both houses of congress is nothing more than a pipe dream. They are used to the Republicans backing down at breakneck speed. But the GOP has found it’s backbone and his name is Donald Trump. If Democrats really want DACA, they are going to have to give up some real concessions.

On Friday, President Trump sent a list of demands he wants in order for him to sign a Dreamer amnesty bill. And why not? He’s holding all the cards. The Democrats are between a rock and a hard place and no matter what they do, the illegals will hate them, which is a good thing. maybe they will stop voting for them.

Option #1 Democrats could agree to Trump’s demands and get the Dreamer bill passed easily.  The problem is that immigration activists are demanding amnesty for all 11 to 12 million illegals and they want no border security. That would be a poison pill for Democrats that lost Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa — all states where immigration remains a hot-button issue.

Option #2 Is to close down the government over Dreamers and possibly all illegals. That would satisfy the activists but even voters in their own party only favor that at 35%. That would be a disaster. They know this time Democrats would be responsible and for an extremely unpopular cause.

Option #3 They could insist on a clean amnesty bill either for Dreamers or for all illegals. Nothing would get passed and Dreamers could see mass deportations. The activists would then blame the Democrats for not using a government shutdown.

Let’s face it, the Democrats are screwed.

What are the demands President Trump made?

#1 Complete funding for the border wall.

#2 New authority to prevent a new surge of unaccompanied children.

#3 Very limited chain migration.

#4 Crackdown legislation against sanctuary cities.

From The Washington Times

The Homeland Security Department has specifically asked for authorization to build about $18 billion worth of new fencing on the border, sending long-awaited details of the plan to Capitol Hill.

 And the department reiterated that Mr. Trump’s October list of priorities must be part of the discussion. That list included the crackdown on sanctuary cities, new authority to reject bogus asylum applications and to quickly kick out new illegal immigrants, and a change in the current patterns of family-based chain migration.

“Effective border security will not be successful unless we close dangerous legal loopholes that enable illegal immigration and visa overstays. If these loopholes are not closed, and enforcement capabilities are not enhanced, our immigration system and border cannot be secured,” Benjamin L Cassidy, an assistant secretary at Homeland Security, said in a letter released by Mr. Durbin.

Mr. Durbin said those proposals were non-starters.


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