NFL Sinking in Quick Sand as Playoff Ratings Drop Off the Map

If the NFL was in panic mode after the lousy ratings during the regular season, they must now be apoplectic . The ratings for the first playoff games are in and they ain’t pretty. Compared to last year, all four game’s ratings dropped by double digits. With the Super Bowl coming up, they may have trouble getting advertisers to py the same big money they did a couple of years ago.


It could get worse real fast. Premiere matchups could make or break the playoffs this year. Suppose the Jaguars beat the Steelers. That would make the AFC championship game New England versus Jacksonville. That would be much worse than a NE versus Steelers, which would probably draw a much bigger following.

From Sports Illustrated

2. Here are your Divisional Round playoff lines:

Falcons -2.5
Patriots -13
Steelers -7.5
Vikings -4

And here’s where the Super Bowl odds stand today:

Patriots +175
Vikings +360
Steelers +500
Saints +675
Falcons +850
Eagles +1350
Jaguars +2000
Titans +6000

2. Speaking of odds, after Oprah Winfrey’s speech at the Golden Globes last night, she’s a major player on offshore sites offering lines on the 2020 Presidential Election:

Trump +210
Pence +950
Kamala Harris +1050
Bernie Sanders +1250
Elizabeth Warren +1350
Oprah Winfrey +1500

Other notables:

The Rock +3000
Mark Cuban +4500
Gregg Popovich +10000
Michael Jordan +15000
Vince McMahon +20000

Perhaps by next season the league will have new rules on the national anthem. Nah.


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