VP Mike Pence Publicly Gives Obama And The Clintons The Treatment They Deserve [WATCH]

VP Mike Pence Publicly Gives Obama And The Clintons The Treatment They Deserve

The entire world watched as Pence acted on his authentic feelings

Often, the President of the United States is seen as more of a proper statesman, while the Vice President is more of a “bulldog” or worker. During the Bush years, Vice President Dick Cheney was viewed as the effective muscle behind the figurehead. The Obama Administration broke with the paradigm, however, as Biden was seen as a buffoon.

Apparently, things are going to get back to normal in the new Trump Administration. Consider how President Trump addressed the Clintons at the Inaugural Luncheon and how it contrasts with Pence’s treatment of Obama and the Clintons (video below.)

Trump INFURIATED Many When He Addressed Hillary At Inaugural Luncheon [VIDEO]

During the Inauguration Ceremony, we noticed that President Trump shook the hands of the other Executives, Obama and Clinton included, multiple times. It was as if he was going out of his way to be gracious towards them. Vice President Mike Pence, however, took a different approach. Take a look:


People noticed Pence’s behavior and reacted on Twitter:

Were these bigoted moves by Vice President Pence, as some say?

Do you believe that Pence was out of line with his treatment? Was it an intentional lack of protocol?

Interesting times indeed…



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