Man Grabs Rock to Throw Across Icy Lake. Watch When He Lets Go and Is Left Bewildered [VIDEO]

Cory Williams and his wife Kristen did something in 2014 that you don’t hear about very often. They moved from California to Alaska.

Eagle River, Alaska is a touch northeast of Anchorage. It’s the type of place most would picture when thinking of our largest state.

They made the move in the spirit of “Living Each Day.” It was a way to experience new things — the type of things they could only dream about in their lower-48 life.

The pristine conditions were impressive. Opportunities to explore the area led to finding wonder via simple activities.

“This is a great place to skip a rock, it’ll never go in” Cory says prior to his amazing discovery. The physics the event would’ve been cool enough.

But when the serene lake surrounded by woods proved to be an acoustical marvel, Cory lost it. There is no better sound system on this earth than the one nature provides.

The key is finding the right conditions. A small, frozen lake, surrounded by beautiful woods creates out of this world echoes: Who knew the sound of a rock skipping across a frozen pond could make the most majestic songbird jealous?

It provided a moment of giddy anticipation when he threw the larger boulder a ways out. Would it break the thick ice?

The rock won that battle. Here’s hoping that no fish were “klonked” on the head during the filming of this video.

The Williams’s look quite at home in Alaska. The smiles show their happiness with the decision to go out and seek life, even if the little one seems a little unsure of the whole operation.

The simple but amazing video will surely bring viewers back to their earlier days. This is a great reminder of when things were simpler yet exciting and most of all, fun!

It makes you wonder if sometimes a move may be in order to get out there and experience things. At the very least, we can all manage a move off the couch and into the wonderful world around us.


Source: Liftable

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