SHOCKING New Video Surfaces, OBAMA Caught Flaunting ‘Privates’ To Giggling Female Reporters

As the media and both parties continue to rip Donald Trump apart for an interview that was done in 2005, a new video has surfaced of Barack Obama engaging in what could only be described as sexual harassment.

Take a look below.

Hannity has the full story:

While the media continues to wring its hands over lewd remarks made by Donald Trump in 2005, a new video has surfaced of President Barack Obama engaging what can only be described as an act of sexual harassment against female reporters and staff.

The 2008 video shows then Senator Obama on a campaign flight along with staff and members of the press. While speaking on the phone, the President appears to be…well…in a state of sexual arousal (or minimally with a pair of embarrassingly tented chinos).

When female reporters take notice, Obama flaunts his privates, raising his leg on a chair and man-spreading his legs.

This kind of disgusting, chauvinistic behavior would be unacceptable from ANYONE, let alone a United States Senator and the future president.

While the chance of the footage being a forgery appears somewhat remote, we should note that cannot independently verify its authenticity. The Obama administration has not yet released a statement confirming or denying its that is, in fact, the president.

So one thing to remember here is the fact that CNN kept this video of Obama cover-up until the time they saw it would not damage anything… 


They say Trump’s comments were lewd. Have you seen the shocking video of Obama’s actions? It is worse now than we thought…

If you have not had a chance to watch it yet, Obama’s disgusting erection video is below.

Here is what happened:

Trump made some foolish comments that were demeaning to women in 2011. The comments were made off-camera, with a hot mic. A media firestorm erupted. Hillary Clinton and her campaign condemned the remarks. Self-righteous Republicans called for Trump to drop out of the race.

President Obama called Trump’s remarks, “repugnant.”

Trump apologized, and said, “I have never been perfect.”

It is curious that Hillary and Obama have not said one word about Bill Clinton’s indiscretions with women.

Even more curious, the vulgar video of President Barack Obama, and his dancing erection, emerged on the Internet in the last few days.

Turns out, this video has existed since 2008, and CNN has been hiding it.

Think about this: NBC had the infamous Trump Tapes, and could have released them during the Primary Elections against Ted Cruz. Instead, they waited until Trump was running against Democrat Hillary Clinton.

CNN has done something even more despicable. They hid the video altogether to protect Obama, who, obviously, has survived two election cycles.

Who would have thought that Obama’s bizarre actions in this video would come back to haunt Hillary Clinton?

Unfortunately, for CNN, the issue has exposed them, as well.

This is fair reporting? Hiding a video that was originally shot THREE Presidential Elections ago?

CNN should be ashamed, as should Obama, the Clintons, and anyone else who condemned Trump for saying silly things.

If you have not seen the video, here it is.

Disgusting, right?

I suppose that is what CNN and the Liberals do.

h/t to pjmedia


Below is 24 Democrat Sex Scandals The Liberal Media Is Not Reporting

The below has been compiled by AmericanNewsHub, should we be surprised by any of these?



1. Four new women accuse Bill Clinton of sexual assault. (11/20/2017)

Former President Bill Clinton was accused of multiple incidents by four women. We already know about his lust for using an intern to hold his cigar and how he may have ruined her dress with some bodily fluids. What’s up with the other accusations? Daily Mail ran this story.

2. Congresswoman accuses Democrat former Congressman Bob Filner of sexually assaulting her. (11/21/2017)

According to the Huffington Post, Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Colo.) accused former congressman Bob Filner of trying to pin her in an elevator and forcibly kiss her.

The Huffington Post ran this? Shocking. They’re about as leftist as one could get and it’s a breath of fresh air to see that they would run a story against a Democrat. I still think the HuffPost horrible site filled with virtue signalers, Black Lives Matter enthusiasts, and gender study liberals and feminists, but that’s just my opinion.

3. California Democrat Raul Bocanegra resigns leadership position and won’t seek re-election over sexual allegations. (11/20/2017)

The Los Angeles Times reported that California Democratic Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra said he would suspend his campaign and not seek re-election in the face that a story would be dropping about six women accusing him of sexual harassment.

Not seeking reelection smells like guilt to me.

4. Democrat congressional candidate from New Mexico David Alcon was arrested for stalking in New Mexico. (11/13/2017)

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Alcon was arrested after sending a woman persistent messages, including of his genitals, telling her he loved her and suggesting he was watching her.

Hasn’t anyone learned from Anthony Weiner that we don’t send private pics anymore? When you’re a politician, the last thing you do is send some chick a picture of your penis and corny messages like you’re some desperate chump who can’t get a woman. If a woman wants to see it, then she needs to see it in person. Sending pictures of your privates will only bite you on the rear end later. Take it from the king of private pics, Mr. Anthony Weiner himself. Don’t do it. But did CNN run the story and show the pics? Doubt it.

5. 10 women accuse Colorado Democratic lawmaker Steve Lebsock of sexual harassment. (11/10/2017)

CBS Denver reports that the 10 women include a legislative aide who harassed her at a bar.

10 women is a lot. Are the accusations true? Did CNN run the story and ask every accuser and do the stories match up? 1 woman is a lot, but when 10 say it, then you have to wonder.

6. Colorado Democratic House Speaker Crisanta Duran accused of ‘covering up’ sexual allegations against Democrat Steve Lebsock. (11/14/2017)

According to The Denver Post:

Colorado’s top Democratic lawmaker is under fire for how she handled a colleague’s sexual harassment complaint against a member of their party and now faces calls for an independent investigation.

I bet women are thrilled to hear about a woman hiding sexual allegations. Was she in on it? What was her reward for covering up the possible crimes? What did CNN have to say about it?

7. Minnesota Democratic lawmaker Dan Schoen resigns over sexual harassment allegations. (11/21/2017)

The MinnPost reported that two women accused Schoen of sexually harassing them. One was a former DFL candidate for House who alleged that he grabbed her buttocks, telling her she had a “good door-knocking ass.”

What exactly is a “door-knocking ass?” I have not ever heard of that before. I know a good one when I see it, and that’s not something I’ve ever referred to one as. Men can’t say they don’t look – because we do. Everyone looks. However, looking and committing sexual harassment is a huge difference. Everyone looks at each other in one way or another, but that does not warrant any type of grabbing. You can look at the merchandise, but you can’t touch it.

8. A third woman accuses California Democrat Sen. Tony Mendoza of sexual harassment. (11/16/2017)

According to the Sacramento Bee, a woman said that California state Sen. Tony Mendoza behaved inappropriately toward her when she worked in his Capitol office seven years as a legislative aide in Sacramento.

I wonder what his “inappropriate” behavior consists of. Was it comments? Grabbing? Sexually charged text messages? What was it, Tony?

9. Sexual harassment controversy threatens to ensnare California Democratic Senate leader Kevin de León. (11/11/2017)

The Mercury News reported that there are questions about whether Kevin de León may have helped to try to cover-up complaints against Sen. Tony Mendoza.

If Tony’s act requires a cover-up, then it probably wasn’t a very nice gesture or behavior towards women.

10. Democrat Randor commissioners president Philip Ahr charged with multiple counts of child pornography. (10/11/2017)

According to The Inquirer, Philip Ahr was arrested on numerous felony counts. Authorities said Ahr sent and received hundreds of images of child sexual abuse — some involving infants and toddlers, others depicting sadomasochistic abuse and abuse involving children and animals.

I’m going to vomit. This is disgusting. There is enough weird adult content on the Internet that one does not ever have to look at something like this. This is horrible. I searched CNN for “Philip Ahr” and their website provided NO results. CNN did NOT cover this incident at all. Not even a mention of the man and his disgusting crime. I took a screenshot to prove it.

11. Woman claims New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo ignored her pleas to investigate one of his staffers who was allegedly sexually harassing her. (11/20/2017)

The Buffalo News reported that Lisa M. Cater filed a lawsuit after one of Cuomo’s top lieutenants praised Sam Hoyt, a Cuomo confidante and appointee, upon his resignation last month. CAter alleges that she told Cuomo about horrible sexual harassment by Hoyt but that he did nothing.

Does anyone like Cuomo? Anyone? Anyone at all?

12. Democrat Rep. Calvin Smyre accused of sexual misconduct by Jehmu Greene. (11/13/2017)

According to The Ledger-Enquirer, Fox News contributor and former candidate for DNC head Jehmu Greene alleged that
Rep. Calvin Smyre, the dean of the Georgia General Assembly sexually harassed her during the national convention 21 years ago.

In all honesty, it’s really hard to take an accusation from 21 years ago serious. People who would rather further their career than call someone out on their sexual harassment don’t really get any respect from me. They had the choice to say something when it happened but chose not to. That means they didn’t really care about it then, so why are they complaining about it now? Not that it makes what happened right – if it happened at all, but it loses some merit when the so-called victim speaks 21 years later and has zero proof that something happened.

13. Florida Democratic Party President Sally Boynton Brown resigns amidst sexual harassment controversy. (11/20/2017)

Sunshine State News reported that Florida Democratic Party president Sally Boynton Brown resigned after two former party staffers claimed she “enabled” FDP chairman Stephen Bittel’s “creepy” and “inappropriate” behavior towards female staffers.

Resignation = guilt.

14. New Mexico Democratic legislator Sen. Michael Padilla accused of sexual harassment. (11/18/2017)

According to the Albuquerque Journal, New Mexico state Sen. Michael Padilla was accused in two federal lawsuits of harassing women while working with the city of Albuquerque on an emergency call center. The city ended up settling “sexually hostile work environment” case resulting from Padilla’s actions. He was alleged to have pestered women for dates and made other inappropriate comments, such as “Women stay home, make tortillas and have babies.”

You had me at tortilla! Listen, Padilla, you can’t pester women for dates. They either like you or they don’t. Ask once and back off. If you constantly pressure women for dates, and they keep saying no, then they’re going to tell the other women they know. At that rate, you won’t ever get a date. Now you can stay home and make your own tortillas.

15. Colorado Democratic Rep. Paul Rosenthal accused of sexual harassment and groping. (11/17/2017)

The Denver Post reported that questions were raised by a Democratic aide about possible harassment from Colorado state Rep. Paul Rosenthal. Rosenthal had a prior complaint against him for unwanted advances toward another gay man when he was a candidate.

Unwanted groping? That means the other person is not attracted to the groper. If they are attracted to the groper, then it’s “wanted groping” and no one reports it. If you’re going to grope someone, then perhaps you should ask first. Otherwise, you’re in big trouble.

16. Illinois Democratic Sen. Ira Silverstein accused of sexual harassment. (10/31/2017)

According to CBS Chicago, a political activist accused Illinois State Sen. Ira Silverstein (D-Chicago) of sexually harassing her while the two were working on legislation to help crime victims last year. She said that during a pattern of harassment he would Facebook her at all hours and call her at midnight. “You have no idea the torment.”

That sounds like the stalker behavior that Lifetime would make movies about. Seriously folks, what the heck is wrong with people?

17. Missouri Democratic Rep. Josh Peters accused of sexual harassment. (01/25/2017)

The Kansas City Star reported Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal accused Democratic state Rep. Josh Peters of touching her inappropriately, grabbing her by the arms, called her “boo,” and later called her a “bitch.”

Calling someone “boo” is not sexual harassment. Touching someone’s arm is not sexual harassment. Calling someone a “bitch” is not sexual harassment. I fail to see where there is any evidence of sexual harassment. Touching someone’s arm in conversation is not even a form of harassment. Calling someone “boo” is a term of endearment in some cultures. Calling someone a “bitch” usually means the person IS a “bitch” OR the person calling them one is a complete jerk. In many cases, the man might call a woman this if she is completely acting like one or she refuses a date because he’s an ugly guy or he has no personality and she’s completely unattracted to him. If she said no to his advance for a date, then calling her names surely won’t get the date. In either case, this guy was probably being a massive perpetual jerk, but I can’t call it sexual harassment. Ain’t that right, boo?

18. Nevada Democratic Sen. Mark Manendo resigns amid numerous sexual harassment allegations. (07/18/2017)

KTNV reports that complaints were brought against State Sen. Mark Manendo, D-Las Vegas, in April and that after an investigation ordered by the Senate Majority Leader, Manendo has resigned.

19. Oklahoma Democratic lawmaker Will Fourkiller accused of sexual harassment. (01/10/2017)

NewsOK reported that Will Fourkiller, D-Stilwell had a complaint made against him in April 2015 involving a high school page. A second state representative is now being investigated by the special House committee that is looking into sexual harassment complaints made against current members.

Sounds creepy.

20. Oregon Democratic lawmaker David Gomberg accused of inappropriately touching women. (10/30/2017)

According to Oregon Live, State Rep. David Gomberg apologized for offending two women who years ago accused him of ‘violating their personal boundaries.’ The complaints involved “inappropriate humor or inappropriate touching,” invasion of “personal space” and hugging.

Was it a hug where he grabbed their bottom or a friendly work hug? If the women backed off or said no or told him to stop, then he continued the behavior, then it’s harassment and inappropriate. Some people greet each other with a hug. Some don’t. You don’t know what to do until you’re in that position. If you hug someone and get too close like you’re swooping in for a kiss and it’s creepy, then you’ll know. People don’t like that. You have to give the friendly hug with your face to the side and not rub your groin on people. I’m not sure what kind of hug this man was giving, but if the women were outspoken and told him to stop, and he didn’t – then he should have certainly apologized. Did CNN run this, or did they ignore it like many of the other stories?

21. Former Washington Democratic lawmaker Brendan Williams accused of sexual harassment. (11/01/2017)

The Seattle Times reported that three women have come forward against former Washington state lawmaker Rep. Brendan Williams accusing him of sexual harassment and assault. One was a House intern at the time.

I would need more information to process this. Of course, that information could’ve been provided by CNN had they investigated it.

22. Connecticut Democratic councilman Scott Chamberlain resigns after ‘furry’ profile revealed. (09/08/2017)

The New York Daily News reported that Scott Chamberlain who had been on the New Milford town council since 2015, though would resign after his profile was discovered. Furries dress up in animal costumes. Some have a sexual fetish involving the costumes but Chamberlin denied this, saying his furriness had “nothing to do with sex; it’s an interest in cartoon animals.”

A hairy problem.

I can’t even comment on this without laughing. Was the dude a kink? Are you kidding me? I know people have very weird fetishes, but what the heck is this? Oh goodness…

23. Florida Democratic Sen. Jeff Clemens resigns over sexual misconduct. (10/27/2017)

According to Politico, he resigned after an extramarital affair with a lobbyist was revealed and Republicans said there were more.

How does someone in the public spotlight think they’ll be able to have an affair and not get caught? If you’re an unknown bus driver hooking up with a married mechanic at work, then people probably won’t know and there’s nothing the other person can hold against you. But if you’re in the government and the public eye, then you need to be on best behavior. The fact that a man had to resign from his position because he had an extramarital affair is beyond oblivious. Just end the marriage if it’s unhappy. Don’t hurt people in the process because you’ll just lose your job later.

24. Ohio Democrat governor candidate Justice William O’Neill brags about his sexual history on Facebook. (11/18/2017)

The Washington Post reported that Justice William O’Neill posted a statement Friday morning on Facebook about his sexual history while allegedly trying to defend ‘heterosexual males.’

Sounds a bit creepy. I wonder if this guy was in college racking up numbers by sleeping with drunk gals who barely knew his name or he’s full of it. Men who brag about their sexual conquests don’t actually have any sexual conquests. Men who have real sexual conquests don’t have to brag about it – the women do it for us.

Thanks to American News Hub for their compilation of this list. It surely shows CNN’s lack of interest in reporting fairly on the Democratic party. I can’t believe how many unknown cases I just read and had no idea about most of them.

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