Teacher Scolds 6-Yr-Old For Sleeping— Stops Short After Child’s Heartbreaking Apology [WATCH]

A teacher scold’s 6-year-old for sleeping in class, stops until she heard the heartbreaking reason of the child.

Rachel Faust is a young teacher from Miami. She’s a first-grade teacher at a school where most of the students come from low-income families. Ninety-nine percent of them are below the poverty line.

Rachel took one student into the hallway after began nodding off in her class, and started lecturing her importance of paying attention in class and staying focused.

But then the girl said something back that alarmed Rachel: “I’m so sorry Ms. Faust, I’m just so hungry. I know I’m not doing my best. I missed breakfast and we haven’t eaten since lunch yesterday.”

“I’m on my knees looking at this six-year-old, chastising her for not being focused, and she’s starving,” Rachel recalled.

Rachel went on to help the school set unprecedented records and continued to teach her students with unbridled positivity. While she couldn’t control what happened to the students outside the classroom, she knew her actions in the classroom could make an impact.

After a suggestion from her mother, Rachel wrote a letter to The Ellen Degeneres Show back in 2012, describing daily life at her school and telling her “about my kids, my classroom, and what I love about teaching.”

She then got a call from the show’s producers, asking her to come on the show – which just happened to fall at the same day with her 25th birthday – Rachel happily, agreed. She expected only to be an audience member, but it completely shocks her when she arrived at the studio and was told she was going to sat and interviewed by Ellen.

The complete surprise is when Ellen presented her with a check for $100,00 from the charitable leg of JC Penney’s – money that would go toward helping fund some of the necessities at Rachel’s school that the teachers had been paying out of their own pockets.

Sources: Inspiremore, The Shred/Facebook/ Video Credit: Ellen Degeneres

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