Report: Covington Kids are headed to the White House to meet with President Trump!

President Trump had remained pretty much silent on the whole Covington Kids, Native American Protester controversy until all the facts were in. And as we are now learning, he was right to do so.

Yesterday morning the President finally tweeted his opinion of this whole left wing media narrative by effectively calling out the fake news and the harm media can do to these children.

But what’s even more great about his response is that later Laura Ingraham tweeted that the students who were threatened by an internet mob, and even doxed, will be meeting with President Trump sometime after the shutdown is over.

I agree with Ingraham on this, there really is no reason to delay this meeting. It’s not like President Trump can’t see these kids in the oval office and offer them some fast food as he did with the Clemson football players. I bet the students would also enjoy that a lot more than whatever snobby dish the White House chef would prepare for them.

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