Student Get BOOTED From Class For Making These Statements About Gender

When a student stood up and made an observation that he thought was accurate, the teacher rewarded him by kicking him out of the class.

And while this might seem innocuous on the surface, the reason that the teacher did this was that they feared that the student was engaging in discriminatory thinking regarding gender and sexuality.


While similar incidents like this may be occurring across the United States, the video shared in relation to this topic was filmed at a school in the United Kingdom.


As you can hear in the lively discussion filmed in class, the teacher and student do not agree. It seems that political views take a front seat at this educational facility as that is the crux of the argument.


Many people were quick to join the lively discussion about the incident as it was occurring on Reddit. Below are some of the most heated comments from the viewers.


“The UK is already in the (toilet). Y’all need to throw it in revere and back out. Best wishes from Texas even though we’re in not much better shape than y’all.”


In the comments, some people argued that the teacher was on faulty ground with trying to be inclusive. However, one person, who claimed to be in-the-know wrote:


“He is not pulling it out of his (backside). Teachers are trained on these ‘inclusion’ policies. They are constantly briefed on it. In fact, I think the teacher agrees there are scientifically two genders, but to be fair to him, and this includes, medical professionals also, you can get into (deep water) sometimes if you agree with the kid.”


This person added, “So now, the teacher has to sit and have an argument against the kid, in front of the class on something, I don’t think he himself actually believes in. (AKA he knows the science doesn’t back the spectrum. But he isn’t interested in getting trapped on the issue). He is kind of in a hard place. He even tells the kid to lodge a formal complaint. The old man is just f***ing fed up, I think. Not just by the kid, but also with the policies his job depends on. The truth is he answered back well for someone who is screwed if he does or if he doesn’t.”


That commenter makes a good point. Just because the teacher has to stand by the policy of the school or the school district, does not mean he personally believes it himself. Nevertheless, he signed up to be a teacher and must take the rules that come along with it. The same would go for other public servants like police officers who should not have the choice to decide which laws they want to follow or not. They are supposed to protect and serve the entire community, just as this teacher is supposed to give students an equal and fair education regardless of their gender and other factors.




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