Election Judge Hammers Dems With Huge Fines — ‘Court Orders Are Not Optional’

On Monday, Wisconsin Judge Paul Malloy found three left-wing liberal election commissioners in “contempt of court,” for failure to remove thousands of “ineligible voters” from state lists.

“I can’t be any clearer than this,” Judge Paul Malloy declared. “They need to follow my order.” Election attorney Rick Esenberg agrees, “Court orders are not optional, It is astonishing to observe the Wisconsin Elections Commission act as if they are.”

Ann Jacobs, Julie Glancey and Mark Thomsen will be breaking into their piggy banks. The Ozaukee County judge slapped each of the three rebel Democrats with a $250 per day fine.

The bill keeps adding up until the voter rolls are purged. Even though half the six-member panel is Republican, and doing their best to clean up the records, the commission as a whole is to be fined $50 a day.

Esenberg is president of WILL, the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty. They originally filed the legal action, “arguing that state law requires the commission to remove from the active voting rolls,” any voter who didn’t respond to a confirmation letter, “within 30 days.”

In October, the commission “notified more than 230,000 people it believed they may have moved and asked them to update their voter registrations or confirm they were at the same address.”

By law, anyone who doesn’t respond within the 30 day window is to be removed immediately. The Democrats decided, unilaterally, that they didn’t have to remove anybody until 2021 — after this year’s crucial election. Wisconsin was a close call in 2016.

Judge Malloy didn’t set a specific date for compliance when he issued his December ruling, so the democrats used that loophole as an excuse to do nothing at all.

The judge disagrees. He acknowledged he didn’t spell it out for them like school children, but insisted that from everything that transpired in the courtroom, the commission knew perfectly well it was to act “forthwith.” That’s legalese for “yesterday.”

The exact number varies but everyone agrees that somewhere around 200,000 voters are affected. The state Supreme Court could eventually get involved but for now they are letting the lower court handle it.

On Tuesday, the commission is set to vote on whether or not to purge the rolls in the wake of the contempt charges. Republican Robert Spindell says he’ll try to get a Democrat or two to see the light but isn’t counting on it.

“I am pleased with the decision and I hope all six of us on the Elections Commission follow the law and follow the judge’s order. I know at least three of us will.”

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