Sleepy Joe Is About To Get The Military Involved!

There are some situations where you don’t need to get certain people involved in particular situations.

For example, when I was in the navy, you didn’t get the Captain involved in every single minute issue of discipline. A lot of the time, it was handled in house within departments.

It was only when things got really out of hand did the CO get into it and when he had to get involved, there were heads rolling by that point.

My point is that you don’t use your hammer when you are trying to put a new toilet seat on. With Joe Biden running the country, the nation is going to go down a toilet.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is reportedly going to get a military escort to the White House in place of the traditional inaugural parade.

The historic parade is a long-standing tradition but due to COVID, Biden says he does not want this.

Conservatives are hoping that the escort won’t be necessary because due to mass amounts of evidence, it shows President Donald Trump is the rightful winner of the 2020 election.

The inaugural events will also include a formal review of troops and a made-for-television “Virtual Parade Across America” featuring musical acts, marching bands, poetry, dance troupes and essential workers.

Nothing was traditional about the 2020 presidential election where mail-in ballots and fraud were allowed to run rampant.

“There are many grand traditions to the inaugural, and we plan to honor them by highlighting more of our nation’s people than ever before while keeping everyone safe,” Presidential Inaugural Committee CEO Tony Allen said in a statement.

The people in charge of planning Biden’s inauguration, which hopefully won’t happen, are urging Biden supporters to not flock to Washington D.C. for the ceremony.

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