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Weapons of Mass Destruction Found In Iraq

In a terrifying discovery, the weapons were discovered in an area previously controlled by ISIS

BREAKING: Weapons of Mass Destruction Found In Iraq

“’We know that they were using this place to experiment with chemical weapons,’” Iraqi special forces Brig. Gen. Haider Fadhil said.

The strength and potency of the chemical weapons that could be produced at the warehouse is still unknown, although, and despite the risk of contamination, Iraqi soldiers who entered the site for about ten minutes didn’t suffer any ill effects.

Earlier in January, troops involved in the liberation of Mosul University found that a dormitory there had been converted into a makeshift chemical weapons factory, using equipment and ingredients pilfered from the College of Sciences, including radioactive material. Specialists had to be called in to decontaminate the area.”

Watch the video report, below:

video caption:An Iraqi officer said that Iraqi forces recently discovered sulfur mustard, a chemical warfare agent, in eastern Mosul alongside a cache of surface-to-surface missiles bearing Russian inscriptions. Some of the rockets shown appeared to be training models. None of the rockets in the warehouse, many of which had been taken apart for parts, were operational. Fadhil said the types of rockets found lead him to suspect the Islamic State group was experimenting with the rockets to develop a way to weaponize the chemical agent.

Does this find justify the actions of former President George W. Bush, or does it matter? Does it discredit former President Barack Obama for leaving Iraq as quickly as he did?

Perhaps, the most relevant question is: What will current President Donald Trump do about this find?


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