American Company Selling “ISIS Hunting Kits”

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An American company is trying to make a profit off of the current crisis in the Middle East by selling ISIS hunting kits. is known for their conservative, pro-gun content, and in their store they don’t shy away from selling things for enthusiasts like themselves. In addition to items like the “I Love Guns and Titties” t-shirt and “Buttman” apparel, the website is now selling an ISIS hunting kit for those who want to feel like they’re involved in fighting off the terrorist group.

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The kits, which are sold for $470 a piece, are targeting those “patriots” with “limited military or law-enforcement experience,” and TJ Kirgin, the company’s marketing strategist, says that they sell between 10 and 20 kits every week.

“This bundle makes it easy just in time for hunting season,” says the kit’s description. The kit itself, which comes in different colors and variations, includes a bulletproof vest, ammunition holders, a helmet, and weapons holder. To make the kit even more legitimate, Arabic is inscribed on the bulletproof vest.

“The kits have been selling very well, especially in St. Louis, Missouri,” said Kirgin.

Take a look at the company’s ISIS hunting kit here.

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