Both Former Bush Presidents Announce Whether Or Not They Will Endorse Trump, Who Imagined?

How much do presidential endorsements really mean these days? They rarely ever make a difference but it’s still nice to have someone previously in that position have your back.

Now that Trump is the GOP nominee we will be hearing a lot about who will get behind him. However, it looks like you can cross both President Bush 41 and 43 off of that list.

This isn’t that much of a shock, to be honest.  George W.  has stayed out of the limelight since leaving office except for supporting his brother’s campaign no matter how brief it was.  It probably wouldn’t go over too well in the Bush household to have someone support a candidate who roughed up Jeb like Trump did. Not to mention, Trump has been hammering George W. Bush on the Iraq War.

There have been a lot of questions about the health of George H. W. Bush and he probably would rather just stay out of the political circus as much as he can.

At the same time, it is interesting that these two former presidents won’t be helping a fellow Republican in his quest to win the nomination.

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