Burqa-Clad Women Decide Rules Don’t Apply to Them, Look What They Did at Local School

Muslims the world over seem to have fallen under the impression that the rules don’t apply to them. Leftist politicians in the business of appeasing the followers of Islam to satisfy the Almighty Political Correctness God are to blame.

Recently on the French Island of Corsica, two Muslim mothers violated a local elementary school’s policy against religious icons when they showed up wearing hijab and veils, presumably to pick their kids up from school.

A group of fathers who were also there that day became outraged, as the school does not allow students to wear anything that defines their faith, and they decided to confront the mothers.

According to MRC Blog, local prosecutor Eric Bouillard said that the women “were stopped by two men, two brothers, who thought it wasn’t right that their children are not allowed to wear emblems of their religion at school and yet these women could enter with their veils.”

Unfortunately, the PC Police ultimately prevailed in this case and officials allowed the women to enter the school with their Sharia-mandated clothing.

Mayor Jean-Charles Orsucci told reporters that his education official “had intervened to allow normal entry to the school.”

Do you think it’s wrong to require that Christian students display no outward signs of their faith, yet allow Muslim parents to don the religious garments mandated by Sharia Law? I think it’s safe to say that for any other religion, no exception would have been made in this case.

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