Police Launch Investigation After Woman Strips Down Inside Packed Bar

A Colombian woman who entered a packed local bar in order to use the restroom decided to put on an X-rated strip show instead… All in broad daylight.

Rather than making her way to the bathroom, she found her way to the dance floor and began seductively removing her clothing to the traditional Colombian music.


From the Daily Star:

The incredible incident took place in an area known as Hollywood beach, in the city of Cartagena, an area of Colombia popular with tourists and holidaymakers.

Colombian police are attempting to investigate whether the woman was invited to perform the dance by bar staff or if the impromptu performance was her own idea.

Officials say both the club owner and the woman involved could be liable for charges related to civil disobedience in relation to the incident.


Footage of the woman’s striptease is far too explicit for us to publish, but if you feel inclined to see it, you may do so here.

What do you think is an acceptable punishment for her impromptu display? Sound off in the comments section!

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