Man Who Used to be Woman Has Baby With Woman Who Used to be Man

Ecuadorian transgender couple Fernando Machado and Diane Rodriguez made South American history when they became pregnant in 2015.

Diane Rodriguez was born a man named Luis, while her partner Fernando was born a woman. Because neither one has undergone sexual reassignment surgery, they were able to conceive a child naturally.

“I started crying with happiness, fear and dread, all at once,” Fernando said of the moment he learned he was pregnant. “It was the most beautiful moment. I had never felt like that before. Wow, at last, I am completely happy.”

Their baby was born in June.


Despite their circumstances, Diane and Fernando insist they are “the same as other families.”

“We live as man and woman,” remarked Diane. “I’m a transfeminine woman and Fernando is a transmasculine man. The process to get here was complex for each of us. Knowing it’s our right, we decided to add another member to our family.”

Their baby will grow up quite confused, no doubt.

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