Police Officer Pulls Over a Grieving Man and Does the Unthinkable

A Police Officer from Ohio pulled over a black man and defied every anti cop sentiment in one simple act . The Facebook post has since gone viral and America is loving the outcome.

RT News reports:

When Mark Ross received a call in the middle of the night informing him that his 15-year-old sister had been killed, all he wanted was to be with his family.

Since he didn’t have a car, he asked a friend to drive him the 400km (250 miles) from Indiana to Detroit. However, his friend had a suspended license.

After being pulled over for speeding in Ohio, Ross explained what had happened, bursting into tears.

“I explained to the officer that my sister had died and that I needed to get to my mother ASAP” Ross said. “I broke down crying and he saw the sincerity in my cry.”

To Ross’ surprise, the officer, Sgt. David Robison of the Ohio State Highway Patrol, didn’t arrest him but instead offered to drive him to Detroit.

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