WHO Will Be Controlling The Internet After Oct.1st Is HORRIFYING

American free speech and commerce will be in the hands of a scary enemy, starting October 1st…

How can American free speech survive with a group like this one controlling the Internet? In only two days, President Obama is set to hand over control of the Internet to a frightening multi-national group. These are not people with a track record of supporting human rights, free speech, or free trade. What will happen to the exceptional American liberties than we sometimes have take for granted once the group described below takes over?

Who are the participants in this foreign, Internet controlling agency?

  1. China – The Chinese are the ultimate authoritarians. There exists a so called “Great Firewall of China” that prevents Chinese citizens from viewing worldwide content that the Chinese Government does not approve of. China has banned online news. Now, news agencies can only report news from Government sources. Writers who promote free thought are punished. For examples, do a quick Google search of the name Ran Yunfei.
  2. Russia – The Russians are like the twin brothers of the Chinese in the Internet world. The Russian Government seeks to emulate Chinese policies in gain further control over Russian Internet. Russian law requires bloggers with more than 3,000 subscribers to register with the Russian Government. Writers are often punished for producing content that is not government approved. It is reported that Russian internet censorship has grown 900% in 2015. Reportedly, Vladimir Putin believes the Internet to be a CIA plot to overthrow regimes.
  3. Turkey – The coup in July caused Turkey to ramp up censorship in an extreme way. Social media, such as Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter, is blacklisted. Writers are not allowed to criticize the Turkish President online. Turkey plans to go to great lengths to prevent back doors that would circumvent censorship. Total Internet control is their plan.
  4. Saudi Arabia – The Saudis want to modernize, but they want to do it their way. The Government way. To achieve their goals, which also include economic growth, they consider the Internet to be a “growth tool,” and they prefer for the Government to control it, much in the same way that China does. In 2014, 400,000 websites were blocked in the country. They do not want anything published that can criticize Islam or the positions of the monarchy. Saudi citizens have asked, “Why have the Internet? What is the point?”
  5. North Korea – The fact that North Korea is even on the list is the most shocking and compelling reason to oppose this movement. There is no free Internet in North Korea, for the most part. It is Government Controlled. The calendar is measured based on the birth of Kim Il-sung rather than the birth of Christ. Windows or Mac OS operating systems do not really operate in North Korea. Only a state-approved system called “Red Star.” Content is state-monitored, and writers are often sent to “re-education camps” for violations.

Welcome to the new Internet neighborhood, America! How is Obama’s plan working out for you?


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