WATCH LIVE: Pro-Refugee Rally Erupts Into Violent Chaos

WATCH LIVE: Pro-Refugee Rally Erupts Into Violent Chaos

Activists were banned from holding a rally in an effort to prevent violence. This breaking chaos is the result…

The Mayor of Calais issued a short-term ban on protests ahead of a number of scheduled pro-migrant rallies.

The protests have been organized by The International Coalition of Undocumented People and Migrants (CISPM.) The charity organization is based in the Calais Jungle Camp. Over 10,000 refugees live in the camp, and conditions are cramped and disgusting. The temporary residence is scheduled to be destroyed.

The Calais Jungle has been referred to as an “affront to humanity.”

The woman in charge of Calais, the so-called prefect, Fabienne Buccio, had feared that the protest and marches would turn violent. Her press release said,

“A protest organised by CISPM and the Parisian pro-migrant charity Solidaires Migrants in January triggered a sudden escalation of violence and presented a grave threat to public order both in town and at the port of Calais.”

Today, she has been proven correct.

French police are trying to disperse the demonstration with a water canon and tear gas. In spire of the well-known, controversial ban, dozens could be seen marching along the road. Many are carrying signs and chanting slogans.

Watch the Live Stream below:

The violence today is yet another example of growing, worldwide concern over what should be done about the migrant and refugee crisis. Most people feel compassion towards these people, though their compassion is overcome by stories of rape, theft, and violence. Governments are having a difficult time helping the masses of migrants while at the same time keeping their own citizens safe.

We will follow the story and continue to provide updates as we have them.


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