Hidden Camera Catches Salvation Army Exploiting A War Veteran

Hidden Camera Catches Salvation Army Exploiting A War Veteran

This Veteran has some problems, but he is smart enough to set up a hidden camera…

The man went to war for his country. He returned home to try to live a normal life and he brought his combat scars with him.

Fighting alcoholism, this Veteran reached out for help. The Salvation Army answered his plea, but even the finest of organizations have at least one bad apple working for them.

This Veteran, who will remain anonymous, became suspicious of his Salvation Army care-giver, and decided to set up a hidden camera to determine the truth.

The Salvation Army employee, Drew Murphy, had worked with the victim since 2008.

The video begins with the two sitting in a living room, with Murphy asking if he needs to complete some shopping for the Veteran.

The man responds with, “No,” then excuses himself to “stretch his legs.”

While out of the room, Drew Murphy can be seen rifling through the man’s wallet, eventually taking from it and hiding money before the man returns.

Murphy was later convicted in court and fined. Surprisingly, he did not lose his job working for the Salvation Army.

The recording device was hidden in a flower pot and camouflaged with leaves. The money in the wallet was marked, as well.

While this Veteran says that he never trusted Drew Murphy, he has always believed The Salvation Army to be an upstanding, Christian organization. He first became involved with the Salvation Army when he was a patient at the charity’s Greenock Rehab Center.

When the Rehab Center closed its doors, Veterans like this man were given the option to receive in-home care.

He is shocked, as are most of us, that Drew Murphy is still employed with The Salvation Army.

The organization says that they are still reviewing the case, along with legal protocols, and that a more permanent decision may be announced in the future.

Watch the video for yourself, below:


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