[WATCH] Mom Gave 5-Year-Old KFC Chicken, Filmed Something Crawling Inside

The boy started gagging and vomiting and was rushed to the hospital. His mother’s video made me gag and vomit!

The West Helena Police Department shared a horrified mother’s video to alert the public and warn other parents to be on the lookout.

This poor woman reported that she, in horror, watch her son gag and vomit, and immediately sped to the hospital. He was treated for food poisoning after possibly ingesting maggots.

She says that she tried to contact the manager of the West Helena Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant, but has not received a return phone call.

Police are in a position where there is little they can do for the little boy, but they were able to share the video in an attempt to help other people.

Some viewers of the video are skeptical, however.

“That chicken had to be sitting there a long time before freaking maggots are laid. People these days are wicked with media. Always wanting some kind of fame,” one commenter wrote.

Another added:

“I believe this woman had that chicken sitting on a table in her fly infested house. The flies got into that box which was left OUT IN THE OPEN. And laid eggs.”

The disgusting video reminds me of the movie Poltergeist. Watch for yourself below. Not for the weak-stomached!

Either Kentucky Fried Chicken is responsible for the maggots, or, if you believe some of the commenters, the mother is.

So what are maggots, and how do you get rid of them?

Maggots are the larvae of flies. Flies lay eggs that then grow into larvae.

Perhaps the flies laid the eggs in the chicken after it was cooked? If so, this woman is guilty.

Maggots normally appear one day after the eggs are left by the female fly, so it is believable that it could be the mother’s fault.

In any event, maggots can be avoided by sealing food and throwing it away. This includes pet food.

Also, garbage cans should be cleaned with bleach often. Any pet droppings on the property should be promptly removed.

Boiling water will kill living maggots if you encounter them.

Hasn’t this story been enlightening? I certainly enjoyed it, though now I seem to have lost my appetite for lunch.


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