JUST IN: People Cannot Decipher These Cryptic WikiLeaks Code Words – Is Assange Dead?

These code messages are radically different from what Julian Assange normally writes. People fear the worst. How do you interpret them?

A series of alarming reports have surfaced following a number of mysterious, cryptic Tweets from Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.

Many fear that Assange has been assassinated or captured by the CIA.

Tensions have been building through a series of events.

Assange has continually, almost daily, rocked the 2016 Presidential Election in the United States by releasing thousands of emails that purport to expose Hillary Clinton’s corruption, fraud, and criminal past.

So far, WikiLeaks has released over 26,000 of these messages, which is reportedly just over half of the total of 50,000.

Recently, Assange lost his internet connection, with no explanation, though most believe that the Government of Ecuador is responsible for taking him offline.

Individuals dressed as heavily armed police have also appeared outside of Assange’s location. Some wonder if they have legal or violent intent, or if they are there just to offer intimidation.

Following all of these events, WikiLeaks has sent a number of Tweets that are cryptic and uncharacteristic of Assange’s writing style.

Some on Reddit believe that a mysterious flight crossed the Atlantic from London with Assange aboard. Perhaps he was whisked away to a CIA location?


Anonews reports as follows regarding the flight trajectory:

As concerns for Assange’s safety continued to grow, a Redditor claimed that a U.S. Gulfstream jet, claimed to be N379P, had taken off from a military base outside London shortly after the outage in the Ecuadorian embassy.

…Assange supporters searched Google and discovered that Smithfield airbase is a notorious CIA rendition airport, a black site known to locals as “Smithfield’s dirty secret.

So, what do the cryptic Tweets look like?

Assange is known for perfect spelling and grammar, while this recent series of tweets contains a number of obvious errors.


Is someone, perhaps Assange himself, asking for help?

Is the interpretation, “H E L P HIM” simply a coincidence?

WikiLeaks has promised a statement soon.

We will continue to follow the story and provide updates as we have them.


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