Pat Boone: “Donald Trump’s Win A Slap In The Face To Pompous, Brainwashed Hollywood”

Every rich and famous megastar from Katy Perry to Lady Gaga to Justin Timberlake backed Hillary Clinton in a big way, but it didn’t help her secure a spot in the White House. Meanwhile, the vast majority of Hollywood’s elite shunned Donald Trump. Celebs even teamed up to produce several star-studded viral videos dedicated to taking Trump down.

Singer and Trump supporter Pat Boone thinks the Republican’s presidential win is a slap in the face for Hollywood’s top stars.

“Donald Trump’s unprecedented, emphatic win is a tremendous rebuke, a humongous… slap to the pompous, pampered Hollywood super-rich, supercilious, super brainwashed, over privileged crowd,” he told FOX411.

And Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, said Trump’s defeat of Clinton proved that Hollywood has no real influence over politics.

“Hollywood celebrities cannot change votes,” he said. “At best they can motivate lazy partisans, such as some millennials, who find lots of reasons why they don’t have time to vote. And they raise money and attract the TV cameras.”

After being blacklisted from Hollywood for supporting Trump, Antonio Sabato Jr. told FOX411 this election season was not about the Hollywood celebrities campaigning.

“This election was about the United States of America; this election was about the people of this country and they came from all kinds of races and backgrounds and they stood together and they voted for the right man,” he said. “The celebrity aspect of it didn’t work, the people spoke and they voted.”

Variety Senior Editor Ted Johnson said it’s possible Clinton’s celebrity endorsements hurt her image.

“…Overall, I wonder if the sheer number of celebrities on the trail only added to the perception that Clinton was part of the elite, as much as this vote was a backlash against it,” he said. “Even though Trump himself is a celebrity… he was still running against the media mainstream.”

Boone said Hollywood “threw everything they had” at Trump and it made no difference.

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