If You Find A Rubber Band On Your Door, Call The Police RIGHT That Moment

 Kim Cernigliaro shared a post warning in her Facebook page about the new trick robbers are using to break into people’s homes. Intruders are putting rubber bands on door handles for a shocking reason.

Kim was alone at her home in Tatum, Texas when she heard someone knocking on her front door. She found it suspicious so she did not respond. Instead, she looked through the stained glass in her door. She was then shocked when she saw a man’s silhouette outside.

Kim's Facebook Post
Kim’s Facebook Post

She waited 30 minutes to make sure that the unexpected visitor was gone before she opened her door and found a rubber band wrapped around her doorknob.

According to Kim’s local Sherriff, using this method, robbers can barge into her house as soon as she unlatched the door.

Kim shared her experience on Facebook, to spread awareness of the potential danger. Her post has gone viral, with over 180,000 shares within the popular social media community.

Debra Wafford

“I work in the door hardware industry. If this band exerts enough pressure and you open the door. Theoretically it could continue to press the thumb lever and keep you from locking the door back. So this CAN happen.”

Jeannie Rogers Rice

“Thank you for posting i have the same doorknob and kenslie is 7 now, i would never known about this”

Robin Harkleroad

“Yes the time to take responsibility for our individual safety had come. The more people stand up the less the criminals can do.”

Even though it is a good reminder for everyone to build home security for their own personal safety, some were doubtful that the picture had nothing to do with a home invasion attempt.

According to Snopes.com, the method described in her Facebook post does not seem to provide any advantage to a would-be robber. In addition, no warnings found issued by the Tatum Police Department or the Bossier Sheriff Department regarding rubber bands and home invasions.



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