Suicide Bomber Approaches But Salvation Comes From 1,650 Yards Away

Watch this ISIS fighter whose helmet camera lasted longer than he did once the sniper saw him…

He has 47 confirmed kills. His position is high on a rooftop above Al Asad Air Base in the Anbar Province of Iraq. He is the first line of defense for 2,000 troops who are serving at Al Asad.

This sniper, who prefers not to be named, says that he and his family have received a number of death threats, so he works diligently to keep his identity hidden.

The plan is simple: With a sniper’s eyes high above the base, anyone who approaches with bad intentions will find themselves on the receiving end of a bullet.

The untrained can understand the plan, but it takes training and experience to make it happen.

This 20-year, veteran sniper uses a British-made L115A3 rifle. It is most commonly chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum or .338 Lapua Magnum.

Once, this hero killed an insurgent from 1,650 yards away, with a single shot. He watches everything on the ground and reports any unusual activity to base officials.

Often, he observes every detail of those who approach, from their apparel to the items that they carry. He passes the details to intelligence operatives who may be able to put the information to good use.

In the event that a person is deemed a threat to the troops who work on the base, the .338 Lapua round or even a Javelin missile is considered to neutralize the threat.

1,650 yards is far away, so far, in fact, that enemies may not even know that they are being targeted.

Take a look at what happened to this insurgent, whose death at the hands of a sniper was recorded by his own helmet camera.

With all of the sounds that dominate a battlefield, it is amazing to think that the most deadly round comes in near silence from a mile away.


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