ANONYMOUS: ‘The Take Down Of George Soros Has Begun’

ANONYMOUS: 'The Take Down Of George Soros Has Begun'

First goes Hillary, then goes George Soros!

A pattern is emerging from beneath prominent headlines that have dominated world news media recently.

The BREXIT vote shocked the European Union. The Election of Donald Trump over the establishment favorite, Hillary Clinton, shocked the entire world.

According to Anonymous, and another source called “Philosophy of Metrics,” events such as these reveal that pattern that bodes the beginning of the end for George Soros.

Consider the following efforts of George Soros, and his various organizations:

-they have worked to create a world of “open borders”

-Soros is said to have funded groups like ISIS to create the migrant crisis, contributing to the open borders effort

-Soros is said to helped overthrow the democratically elected government of the Ukraine, likely in an effort to prevent Putin from controlling natural gas flow in Europe. Note: Joe Biden’s son invested in and sat on the board of a natural gas company in Eastern Ukraine. This is said to be an example of the American Establishment serving the interests of Soros

-Soros has been involved in the attempted overthrow of Syria’s Assad. Assad had aligned with Soros’ enemy, Russia, and Assad also represents a problem for the business interests of Soros and his friends, the Clintons

-Soros and the Clintons want a natural gas line to run through Syria, and Assad is an obstacle. Soros and the American Establishment want this line to run through Syria, to prevent Europe from being drawn into the emerging “Eurasion Union,” which should become a huge global player in the near future

-Soros has ties to the House of Saud. Many believe that 9/11, with its Saudi Ties, was an attempt to stop the transformation of the international monetary system. The manufactured, tragic event was meant to hijack the global governance process, though it ultimately has now failed

-Soros has tried to manipulate western policy towards China and Russia, in general. For example, both the Clintons and Soros were involved in the coup attempt in Turkey, as Erdogan was beginning to align with Russia, a move that would harm the efforts of Soros and the Clintons

-Many believe that the Panama Papers leaks were initiated by Soros, in an effort to discredit the Rothschilds. Perhaps the goal was to expose the connections of the Rothschilds in the global banking network. It was a coup, of sorts, intending to take control from the Rothschilds

BREXIT, followed by the election of Donald Trump, serves as counter moves against the efforts of Soros and the American Establishment.

Here is how Anonymous and Philosophy of Metrics put it:

As stated above, the BREXIT vote was the first obvious counter move against George Soros and his American establishment. This was followed by the election of Donald Trump.  I have covered the connections between Trump and the Rothschild’s in previous articles.

The Trump platform represents a direct attack on the organizations and strategies of George Soros.  Along with BREXIT, Donald Trump will be enacting policies to reduce and stop immigration from terrorist supporting nations.  This can be assumed to be nations that are in alliance with George Soros.

Trump has also openly stated that he will be willing to work with Russia and destroying ISIS and returning stability to the Middle East.  It is my estimate that this will include the removal of the House of Saud and the establishment of a stronger Israel.

The anti-Israel actions of Soros are in direct conflict with the support which Trump states he will be giving to Israel.  The American embassy will even move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  What this means for the Greater Israel Project is not yet determined.  It can be assumed that any renegotiation between Iran and Trump’s America on the nuclear deal well involve discussions about Israel.  Trump could very well be the first US President, along with Putin, who brings peace to the Middle East.

Such a thing would be a major loss for George Soros.

These world circumstances are complicated, though the connections are starting to make sense. Consider the protesters that Soros is paying to protest Donald Trump.

The winds of change are blowing, and those who attempt to lead without integrity are finding themselves in inferior positions.

Just ask Hillary Clinton and George Soros.

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