Her Calf Was Torn From Her Body, It’s Almost Impossible To Stomach These Images [GRAPHIC PHOTOS]

Some events that happen in this world are not easy to comprehend from the outside. Is it due to injustice or heartlessness? Is it the desire to express power over the weak?
Warning: Following photos are quite graphic, but it helps raise awareness around an ongoing issue.

The cruel tradition of annual whaling in the Faroe Islands seems to meet all of these points, and yet it takes place each year and again this summer. Be careful as some of these photos are really disturbing!

Since the 16th century, there has been whaling around the Faroe Islands since the time of Norse settlements. Specific records date back to as early as 1584. Usually, it’s the pilot whales that are killed by the captors.

Traditionally, the fishermen went with simple wooden boats to hunt for whale meat. The yield was still manageable then and posed no direct threat to the whale population.

Today, most Faroese still carry out the whale hunt annually since they consider it an important part of their tradition. Animal rights activists, however, do not have this view. They feel that the tradition has gone too far and is simply inhumane.

Who would believe that in a picturesque place like this that thousands of horrible acts of animal cruelty take place every year?

Today is the annual pilot whale hunt. Chances of these creature escaping is slim, especially with the new technologies.

Huge groups of whales are driven into the bay. They await their cruel fate. They have nowhere to escape!

Every time there is a struggle for survival, the whale will most certainly lose.

Aerial photographs show the true nature of the terrible spectacle. The water of the bay is colored deep red by the blood of the slain pilot whales.

The now lifeless whales floating in the water are hauled to shore with ropes and placed there by the dozens, side by side.

Here is the sad result of a single fishing day — dozens of dead whales lined up neatly in rows.

One can only imagine what kind of torture was suffered by these animal. All of this is mostly due to tradition as whale meat plays only a minor role on the menus around the Faroe Islands. This is because in 2008 medical officers have concluded that the whale meat was deemed unsafe for human consumption due to high mercury levels.

Now, here is the sad climax of the cruel slaughter feast: a slit open whale whose entrails spread across the asphalt. What’s next to her? Her unborn calf with no chance at life.

Why is there so much suffering? By the day’s end, the baby whale ends up as unwanted waste in the dumpster.

The children at the event appear to be having fun, riding on the backs of these whales or getting their picture taken. What kind of world are we living in?

Is this what we want to teach our kids?

Source: Sfglobe.com

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