Muslim Migrants Caught Sexually Assaulting 9-Year-Old Girl, Here’s The SICK Thing The School Did About It

President Trump is taking the Muslim crisis seriously much to the chagrin of the left. Liberals seem to have no issue with allowing thousands of migrants enter the country unvetted. Even with presented with mounds of evidence that these people are vicious they still press that it is falsified information. Europe is a perfect example of what can happen when you allow these refugees to run amuck. Sadly, another young girl has been assaulted by these “peaceful” refugees and how the school chose to handle is horrific.

A 9-year-old girl was continually beaten, sexually assaulted and verbally tormented by Muslim refugee children. This young child was a fourth grader at a Swedish public school where the abuse took place. The young girl finally came to her parents are told them of her terrifying daily abuse. The child told her parents that these “boys” called her a “whore” and a “pussy”. However, the worse offense was when the boys pulled her pants down in the cafeteria and sexually assaulted her.

Her parents obviously disgusted that this was happening to their little girl immediately went to the school. Instead of the school expelling these monsters they offered up an excuse for their behavior.

According to Fria Tider:

A school staff member explained to us that our daughter was blonde and sweet and so it was exciting for them, says the girl’s mother for SVT.

The situation was finally so severe that the girl was offered to ride alone on a bus to and from school, but that didn’t help. A bunch of these boys from the school ran ahead of the girl and surrounded her outside her home.

Thankfully, the parents removed her from the school and reported it all to the authorities. Currently, the school is being investigated, but who knows what will come from it. Sweden who denies that there are any issues with migrants most likely sweep this under the rug. However, this is the ugly truth of what these refugees are capable of doing. They are not willing to assimilate to western culture and are violent.

This is why we need to vet everyone who enters this country. As adults, we are charged with protecting the innocent and our children deserve that. This cannot happen in our country and we must push back against the liberal agenda. Thank God, Trump is in office and is heading up the fight for us all.

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H/T [ Fria Tider ]

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