Newly Elected Congresswoman OMAR ACKNOWLEDGES ‘UNKNOWINGLY’ Sending Anti Semitic Tweet In 2012

You just can’t make this stuff up!

Newly elected Muslim Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar once again tried to explain this morning that she was unaware saying the world has been “hypnotized” by Israel would be considered ant-Semitic to most of the world and to Jewish people.

Here is more via The Daily Caller:

“The congresswoman’s tweet quotes that line. She explains that she was in fact previously unaware of the negative connotations of the phrase she used.

In her Twitter thread, Rep. Omar added, “It is important to distinguish between criticizing a military action by a government and attacking a particular people of faith. I will not shy away of criticism of any government when I see injustice —whether it be Saudi Arabia, Somalia, even our own government!”

While she acknowledged the anti-Semitic trope she pushed, the Congresswoman never explicitly apologized for using it.

In an interview on CNN last week when asked about the original tweet, Omar said, “That’s really a regrettable way of expressing that. I don’t know how my comments would be offensive to Jewish-Americans. My comments precisely are addressing what was happening during the Gaza War.”

Seriously Ms. Omar? You had no idea that saying the state of Israel has hypnotized the world would be taken as anti-semitic? Especially coming from a religion which isn’t known for being very understanding when it comes to people who criticize it?

The truth of the matter here is there is no reason the U.S. should have elected two individuals this past election cycle who took the oath of office under the Quran, Ms. Omar being one of them.

No matter what so-called “intellectuals” in America’s colleges try to indoctrinate us into believing the U.S. is a Judeo/Christian nation and it has been since it’s founding. The day it stops being so is the day we lose her completely. So wake up people!

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