Under-Cover Phoenix Police Ambush Innocent Teen

A Phoenix, Arizona teen was minding his own business, walking home from dropping his sisters off at their neighborhood school, when trigger happy under-cover agents ambushed him.

It was totally inhumane, Dion Humphrey’s father William criticizes. “They didn’t respond to him in any humane fashion.” Police made an unfortunate decision to shoot first and ask the questions later, which they did relentlessly before they were willing to admit their mistake.

When the 19-year-old heard “what sounded like a gunshot,” coming from “a white vehicle,” instinct took over. He started running. He didn’t realize at the time that the Special Assignment Unit just fired a stun grenade at him. Their vehicle was indeed, unmarked.

Humphrey told local ABC reporters, “he was then blocked off by a second unmarked vehicle, was hit with non-lethal force, and tackled to the ground.” Police admit they “misidentified the teen as a suspect in an armed robbery and attempted murder.”

The young man suffers from sickle cell anemia and asthma, “making him very fragile,” the family explains. He barely weighs 90 pounds. He was admitted to nearby Phoenix Children’s Hospital where he is being treated for swelling around his heart after being assaulted by police.

Dion Humphrey was put in an intensive care unit for five days.

The cops claim it was a simple case of mistaken identity, but Dion’s father is convinced that there was more to it. “It definitely makes me question if he was profiled.”

The day before, on January 9, Police responded to a call from a “66-year-old man who was shot by four people during an armed robbery.” Two of the teenage suspects were arrested and the others got away.

A department spokesperson relates that “they were in the area of Alta Vista Road searching for two suspects involved in an armed robbery and attempted murder the day before.” According to police, “they misidentified the teen because they are searching for his half brother, who they want to question in connection to the crimes.”

Whoa, back up a little there, Humphrey’s father jumps in. Dion’s half brother “grew up with the mother.” He hasn’t “lived in the same home for over a decade.” Not only that, Dion “does not look like his half brother.”

The fact that he had nothing to do with the crime didn’t stop the phoenix police department from grilling him like a steak with hours of interrogation, before driving him home.

As soon as the elder Humphrey saw the condition his son was in, he “took him to the hospital where he was put in an intensive care unit for five days.”

The family plans to formally file a complaint against the city.

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