Most Hated Obama Cabinet Officials are also Bad on Gun Rights

Attorney General Eric Holder

This is no shocker to gun rights supporters, but the top three hated cabinet officials in the Obama Administration have had terrible records on the Second Amendment.

Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

According to a recent YouGov poll, the soon-to-retire Attorney General Eric Holder is the third most hated official in Obama’s cabinet.

Holder was only topped by former HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki — both of whom ran programs that were detrimental to gun owners.

Sebelius, who was formerly an anti-gun governor from Kansas, oversaw the implementation of ObamaCare — and thus, the centralization of Americans’ medical information in a way that can be used to deny their right to buy firearms.

And Shinseki actually supervised a department that has continued to use medical information to blacklist veterans and strip them of their Second Amendment rights.

As for Holder, he oversaw the Fast & Furious operation — the ATF’s botched gun running scheme which put weapons into gun smugglers’ hands in an effort to use the increased violence south of the border as a pretext for more gun control in this country.

Attorney General Eric Holder
Attorney General Eric Holder

Not only that, Holder has successfully stonewalled and dodged answering questions of Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) and fellow House Oversight Committee members concerning Fast & Furious.

Holder exhibited such disregard for the law that he was the first Attorney General in history held in contempt of Congress — a charge that was levied because of his withholding documents relating to the failed operation.

As gun owners will recall, Fast & Furious directly led to the death of Brian Terry, an American citizen and Border Patrol officer, and hundreds of Mexicans south of the border.

Many Capitol Hill insiders believe that Holder’s early retirement is, no doubt, timed to allow a Lame Duck Senate to confirm his replacement after the November elections.

GOA opposed Holder’s nomination from the very beginning — and we have been calling for his resignation for quite some time.  For this reason, you can be sure that we will oppose any new nominee who expresses anti-gun beliefs.

So please stay tuned.  GOA will alert you when the President puts forth his pick to replace Holder.

GOA message goes viral on Social Media

GOA produced a meme recently which highlights the importance of the local sheriff in trumping federal gun control.

This Facebook photo went viral — and just last week, a Delaware paper credited GOA with having contributed to this social media frenzy.

Sheriff Mike Lewis
Sheriff Mike Lewis

In an article featuring Sheriff Mike Lewis of Wicomico County, Maryland, the author reported that the sheriff’s views on refusing to enforce federal gun laws “have gone viral” and have garnered kudos from law-enforcement around the nation.

Given that people like Michael Bloomberg are spending millions of dollars to dupe voters in places like Washington state to support gun control, it is all the more urgent that GOA educate the public on the real power that sheriffs have.

In fact, educating sheriffs themselves is also important — which is why GOA’s Larry Pratt spoke to several dozen sheriffs two weeks ago, giving them examples of how their fellow brothers in arms have nullified federal excesses in their individual counties.

You can read Larry’s encouragement to our nation’s sheriffs here.

GOA social media is able to go viral because of partners like you.  And we are able to communicate with our nation’s sheriffs and educate them on the Constitution — thanks to the generous contributions from GOA members.

Thank you for standing with Gun Owners of America.

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