Gun Control Activists Angry, SURPRISE!

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 9.18.19 PMLane County Commissioners voted 4-1 Tuesday against the enforcement of Oregon state’s new draconian gun control laws. Gun control activists were visibly shaken at the unsurprising turn of events, as the laws are unenforceable anyway. If one honestly believes universal background checks will be followed by those seeking to use a gun in a crime, then you may need to check into an appropriate mental facility.

Gun control advocates questioned the “political maneuver” through their tears and decried it as misguided while saying the vote will have little effect. At the same time, the commissioners that have chosen to vote against the enforcement of universal background checks have done so in an effort to ensure their county can keep and bear arms without being infringed. They also stated that the enforcement of these egregious laws would make it to expensive for law enforcement to investigate the violations.

The universal background check law is set to go into effect in August, and was championed by anti-gun groups across the country.

“This is just a way for Republicans to curry favor with Oregon firearms advocates,” Penny Okamoto, executive director of Ceasefire Oregon, a non-profit organization that aims to reduce gun violence, said on Wednesday. “Do they mean to tell me the sheriff won’t prosecute the person who provided a murderer, illegally, with a gun?”

At the risk of stating the obvious, what makes Ms. Okamoto actually believe that the identity is even known in a private party gun sale? When purchasing a book from another person, it is no longer the sellers responsibility what the buyer does with a book that he NO LONGER OWNS. The audacity and hypocrisy of gun control activists never ceases to one up itself. When selling a gun, I no longer own said gun, and am not responsible for the finger of another pulling the trigger.

Now that our heads are thoroughly sore from being unable to understand the lack of logic behind an anti-gun argument, we can continue on with the story.

Understanding that this law is financially and logistically impossible to enforce, Commissioner Jay Bozievich said the following:

“We’ve had to make major cuts in our law enforcement and prosecution budgets. We currently don’t prosecute 1,800 felonies per year,” said Bozievich, a Republican. “We don’t have the resources to enforce this law.”

Gun control advocates claim this law closes a vital loophole by somehow magically forcing a criminal to undergo a background check. It is backed by unicorns and glitter.

Source: [ Yahoo News]

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