Firefighter Suspended For Flying Confederate Flag


AWR HawkinsHartland, Minnesota, firefighter Brian Nielsen has been suspended after flying a Confederate flag during an area Fourth of July parade.

Nielson hung the Confederate flag beside an American flag on the back of a fire truck. He explained that he did it as a way of “demonstrating against political correctness.”

According to CBS Minnesota, Nielson found himself in hot water after “hundreds of people saw an image [of the flag] on social media” and “some parade watchers were offended.” He took “full responsibility” for flying the flag and said, “[I] probably shouldn’t have done it with our fire truck.”

However, he also explained his conviction that politicians pushing for the flag’s banishment are not going to stop unless people stand up to them. “Where are they going to stop?,” he asked. “We’ve got to change everything, we’ve got to change history.”

Ironcially, Nielson does not even own a Confederate flag, He reached out to a friend and borrowed the one he used for Friday’s parade.

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