GAMECHANGER! Police Reveal The Two UNDENIABLE Reasons They Shot Alton Sterling

GAMECHANGER! Police Reveal The Two UNDENIABLE Reasons They Shot Alton Sterling

The truth is coming out and some people are not going to like it…

After days of speculation and intense scrutiny, a warrant from police in Baton Rouge has revealed exactly why the cops used deadly force against Alton Sterling, and this new information changes everything. Protests across the country have erupted into violence due to this shooting, but there are two big reasons that Alton Sterling is dead, proving just how wrong these protests are.


Alton Sterling (left), Officer retrieving gun from Sterling’s pocket (right)

A detective investigating the shooting of Alton Sterling submitted an affidavit in order to obtain a search warrant. In that affidavit, he revealed exactly why Officer Blane Salamoni and Officer Howie Lake shot Alton Sterling. According to the Chicago Tribune the affidavit reads:

“While the officers were attempting to subdue the subject the officers observed the butt of a gun,” the affidavit says. It goes on to say, when they saw him attempt to reach for the gun, one officer fired, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Sterling was approached by the officers on July 5th after a call to police said a black man in front of a convenience store had threatened them with a gun.

According to the Daily Mail, “The affidavit then says when [the officers] ‘contacted the subject’ they ‘gave him direct orders to place his hands on the hood of a nearby vehicle.‘ When Sterling didn’t comply with the order, the officers attempted to restrain him and then used a taser, the affidavit says.”

The first of two cell phone videos shows the cops throw Sterling to the ground in their attempt to restrain him. Both videos show Sterling resisting arrest. Sterling was well over 300-pounds, and he is seen fighting the officers even after being tasered.

At that moment one officer yelled, “He’s got a gun! Gun! You f****** move and I swear to God.” Sterling kept moving, and shots were fired. When the officer saw the gun in his pocket at that point, he didn’t even have to tell Sterling not to move because he was clear to use deadly force for his own safety and those around him.

After the shooting, one officer reached into Sterling’s pocket and retrieved the gun. This proves he had a gun, and Sterling’s actions of resisting arrest make the shooting lawful. This video is very graphic and might be disturbing to some viewers, but it proves Sterling had a gun and was resisting arrest.

Although the officers’ body cameras may not have captured the shooting since they fell off during the conflict, police say they have dashcam and store surveillance footage that will be turned over to the Justice Department, CBS News reported. What the body cameras did capture will be turned over as well.

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