What This 3yr Old Boy Said To Cops When His Mom Got Pulled Over Was ADORABLE! [WATCH]

Captain Neil Fetner was working the driver’s license checkpoint in Clanton, Alabama, when he pulled over a mother named Kristen Lawrence who was with her 3 year old son Carter. While mom was gathering the information that the officer requested, Carter told Captain Fetner that he and her mom were heading to the local Arby’s for a meal. To make small talk, Captain Fetner asked Carter if he liked curly fries. When he responded yes, Captain Fetner jokingly told Carter if he would bring him some curly fries.

Well, Carter took his request seriously and when he and his mother ordered at Arby’s, Carter refused to let her mother ignore the Captain’s request. When Carter delivered the box of curly fries to Captain Fetner, the Captain couldn’t believe it! He was so thankful for what Carter did that he posted what happened on Facebook in order to identify the boy and his mother.

What an heartwarming story of a young boy with honest intentions and a police captain that couldn’t let a kind act go unreciprocated.

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